Willie Oteri Announces New Music Project And Show Dates


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Willie Oteri and Christopher David Boulet to terrorize parts of Northern Italy.

The new Beyond Jazz collective named IKM will feature Willie Oteri on guitar and live loops, Christopher David Boulet on vocal manipulations and spoken word teamed with various third members including laptop beatjockey Max Del Genio who will be present for upcoming Italian shows.

Willie Oteri has become a complicated figure in the world of Beyond Jazz and Avant-Garde. His improvised performances and recordings with WD-41, Shrunken Head Shop and releases like Spiral Out are at times alienating, but also can be quite melodic and inviting. In 2003 a chance meeting with Boulet at a live venue in Italy led to several unique ventures not the least of which were the non-stop improvised Super Jams of 14, 33 1/3 and 45 hours respectively. Oteri has also recorded and performed with Tony Levin, Scott Amendola, Dino J.A. Deane, Brannen Temple, Ephraim Owens, Dave Laczko, Mike Keneally and many others. Such performing and recording situations are a testament to his musical versatility.

As a young man Chris Boulet spent many hours in a Jazz Club named the Jazz Oasis in Milwaukee, Wisconsin which was owned by saxophonist Chuck Lapaglia the father of Boulet's best friend Chris Lapaglia. After many years of pop music songwriting Boulet still hasn't lost touch with those early encounters with improvisation. In 1999 Boulet recorded 12 hours of improvisation for an album named Monkey With A Thumb, Willie Oteri coincidentally was making an album of improvisation (Spiral Out) in the U.S. When they met it was only a matter of time before there was fireworks leading to severl jams, the longest being 45 hours of totally improvised music. Boulet currently resides in the Veneto region of Italy and will be tying the Veneto to themes and stories presented at the shows.

These new IKM shows will carry the torch of both musicians pasts in the world of improvisation and will continue to be part of both artists future endeavors.

The first Italian show will start with an 8 hour non-stop improvisation at CRC in Abano Terme on April 25, featuring IKM but also involving many students and musicians from the area. The first two hours of which will be for young students aged 7 on up as an introduction to totally improvised music and Conduction. Other IKM shows are booked at Grindhouse in Padua Italy on May 4 and Metropolis Caffe in Padua on May 9 with more shows to be announced for 2014.

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