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What's Your Best Way to Pack Vinyl when Moving?


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Given that it's the summer and people are moving and will eventually be going back to school, advice from a blogger working for a moving company that shares some tips about packing vinyl records seems timely. The focus is on keeping your vinyl from getting scratched in transit. The advice sounds reasonable but it left me thinking about all sorts of other issues that could arise. Since I doubt I'm the only one who wonders about such things, please share your tips for packing and moving vinyl in the comments.

Warren Stockstill of Atmosphere Movers recently wrote about “Packing Vinyl Collections Without Scratches," (via @hifidelics) sharing 3 steps:

A) Get poly sleeves for each individual record.

B) Remove them from the album jacket because you also want to take care of the jacket.

C) Pack in boxes with sturdy edges.

Regarding the actual packing:

“The records are then stood up carefully alongside their jackets until they are snug in each box."

Sounds reasonable though I'd want some seriously sturdy boxes or similar containers. But what about the heat?

Please let us know your thoughts on packing vinyl to move especially in hot weather. With the growing interest in vinyl, some may be facing that issue for the first time this summer.

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