What To Do About Music Piracy


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My examination of music piracy has been quite an eye opener.

The online theft of what is generally called Intellectual Property has gotten to the point of triggering backlash which began in November, 2010, when the Department of Homeland Security began to implement significant legal actions against a motley of online sites and counterfeit goods vendors.

The whole problem is exacerbated by safe harbor rulings dating back to the waning days of the Clinton administration, amid the height of dot com bubble frenzy and before the profound changes in content potential, following the build out of Web 2.0. At that time there was impetus to boost this new emerging jobs engine that accompanied the bubble.

This is the troublesome relic and here is Google's current answer. Huge, bloated Google is at the center of this mess. Some aspects are clearly not its fault, while others are more open to question and it is pretty confusing.

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