Weasel Walter May 2008 East Coast Dates and New Releases


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Iconoclastic West Coast drummer Weasel Walter will play a string of East Coast dates to coincide with several new releases on his own ugEXPLODE label. Perhaps best known for leading the long-running punk-jazz/no wave/brutal prog group The Flying Luttenbachers, Walter has gained a reputation as a young drummer of considerable intensity and sensitivity.

Released on April 15, 2008 “Opulence" (a duo between Walter and Anthony Braxton alumni Mary Halvorson on guitar) and “Trauma" (a first-time-on-cd reissue of brutal free jazz from 2001 by the Luttenbachers) showcase different approaches from the percussionist, from painterly to brutal and everything in between. The schedule for the live dates follow. For information, see www.nowave.pair.com/ugexplode.

May 1: Weasel Walter/Mario Rechtern duo opening for Tom Zlabinger + 3 @ Douglass St Collective, 295 Douglass St, Brooklyn, New York 11217

May 2: Weasel Walter/Paul Flaherty duo, Northampton, Massachusetts, venue TBA

May 3: Weasel Walter/Sam Hillmer (Zs), Debora Gallery, Brooklyn, New York

May 4: Weasel Walter/Sara Schoenbeck/Nate Wooley/Lisle Ellis, Zebulon, Brookyn, New York

May 5: Weasel Walter/Marc Edwards/Charles Gayle/Ras Moshe/Mario Rechtern/Andrew Barker, Lit Lounge, New York, New York

May 6: Weasel Walter + guests, venue TBA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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