WD-41 to tour Italy this July


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The Austin Texas based Beyond Jazz duo of Dave Laczko and Willie Oteri aka WD-41 will be doing a short tour of Italy from July 15 to August 1st with house concerts, recording sessions and festival dates including the Y2KX+1 International Florence Live Looping Festival July 17 and the Portello River Festival in Padua Italy July 21, a three week long music festival which follows the River Film Festival in Padua.

After being invited to perform at the Portello River Festival the duo started looking for other festivals and clubs that would be open to their exploratory improvised music and were invited to perform at the International Florence Live Looping Festival and a house concert in Ravenna Italy on July 24 which will include a live recording with several Italian musicians. Other house concerts dates will be posted soon at the duos various websites.

Knowing that financially this type of tour would be a break even situation at best the duo successfully used crowdfunding to raise money for airfare and accommodations something that is becoming more popular with artists as a way to help fund tours and recordings.

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