Washington DC area's Satin Doll Trio releases third CD


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Silver Spring, MD June 15, 2006 - The Satin Doll Trio is pleased to announce the release of their long awaited third CD titled In the Middle of a Kiss on the independent SD Music label. The album's title track is a rarely-recorded, yet haunting and bitterly romantic gem written in 1935 by Academy Award-winning producer and songwriter Sam Coslow. The trio's sincere performance and minimalist arrangement of the song is a gleaming example of the groups intimate supper-club jazz style which features only a jazz guitar and an acoustic bass, as the vocalist's accompaniment.

The unique collection of romantic music performed on the new Satin Doll Trio release In The Middle of a Kiss is not the music of the their generation; it's the enduring music of their parents' and grandparents' generations. This made the concept of the album one that appealed to the group on several different levels. Since their first gig together at DC's Twins Lounge in 1997, the trio has accumulated more 1500 live performances together, mostly in the nightclubs and restaurants of the Washington DC area and eastern United States. After spending these many evenings watching couples becoming romantically involved, and many times falling in love, they realized that the concept of falling in love is as timeless and universal as the music that they perform. Even in Washington D.C., a powerful, and largely political town, couples have been falling in love to the same musical backdrop for decades, just as they have in more romantic cities such as Paris or Rome.

While all of the songs on the new release are indeed about romance, for the trio's vocalist Patrice Ferris, there is a more personnel attachment than the standard definition of romantic love would imply. For her, the songs represent the more spiritual side of love. She openly admits that performing this ageless music deeply exposes the contents of her soul. This intimate connection with the music radiates through every member of the group. During every performance the Satin Doll Trio strives to perform the most beautiful songs they know, in the most sincere way that they know how, and the timeless tradition continues. In The Middle of a Kiss is an artfully eclectic mix of romantic songs that beautifully illustrates the groups' extraordinary range of talents and repertoire.

All Satin Doll Trio CD releases are distributed worldwide through The Orchard at www.theorchard.com.

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