"Two of a Kind" CD by Duo Laroo/Byrd


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Saskia Laroo—trumpet, upright bass; Warren Byrd—piano, vocals, bongo

Brand new project and another change of pace from our Dutch jazz diva from the Netherlands, teaming as two with her amazing melifluous trumpet vis a vis Monk-master Warren Byrd pianist/composer/vocalist for a Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk tribute. The duo's tours through Brazil, Hong Kong, Thailand, Netherlands, Russia, and USA come to fruition in their first Duo album. The CD mood swings with Duo Laroo/Byrd covers of vintage Miles and Monk favorites as well as the duo's new compositions, Byrd's scats and hand drums, Laroo's toggles between trumpet and upright bass𤸼% Organic Jazz

Saturday, August 13th, 8 pm, @ Royal Masala Masala a two set Two of a Kind' CD release gig by duo Laroo/Byrd

391 Main Street
Hartford, CT 06106-1824
(Corner of Capital Ave), USA

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