Turiya Mareya and Javier Cabanillas Live at el Dragon Rojo Bar in Tijuana


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Veteran Latin Jazz Pianist is collaborating with Percussionist Javier Cabanillas in a new project being presented at El Dragon Bar in Tijuana Mexico.

Performing with bassist Juan Tettras, the trio plays classic and original music and arrangements by Turiya Mareya . The music flows from traditional Boleros and mainstream Latin Jazz to Fusion Funk grooves.

Cabanillas moved to Tijuana from the Bay area in 2000 and has established himself as one of Tijuana's most respected and in demand percussionist. Also leading his own group he has performed at major venues and festivals in Mexico in a classic Afro-cuban style using 4 congas. A powerful soloist he is showcased in the Trio format.

Turiya Mareya has been working in Tijuana for 20 years. An International recording and touring artist she has performed from the Yucatan to Alaska her unique brand of powerful Latin Jazz. A dynamic performer and prolific composer her music reflects her deep love of Cuban Jazz as well as her traditional Jazz roots.

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