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Trumpeter Roy Campbell Passed Away On January 9th 2014. RIP Roy.


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Roy Campbell left us last week.

Funeral services will be today between 5 and 8pm at Granby's Funeral Home in the Bronx.

He was 61 at the time. He had a bright striking life as an earnest, honest and kind contributor to his musical community.

He will be deeply missed by many.

“There is no one like Roy Campbell on the music scene now. I guess it’s hard to situate someone by comparing them to others, but for lack of a better way to look at it: Roy encompasses both Lee Morgan’s soulfulness and the true abstract genius of Don Cherry into an organic synthesis.

That statement is just an attempt to get a something across and is not meant to be taken literally, for what Roy brought to the table is original for this time. Roy was a natural—everything about him was completely real and never forced. The jazz industry does not have a place for someone as real as Roy Campbell. The jazz industry has some soul searching to do."

Matthew Shipp

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