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Trudy Pitts Carney, Jazz Organist, Vocalist -- R.I.P.


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Trudy Pitts Carney, 78, a Philadelphia-born jazz organist, pianist, and vocalist who played with many jazz greats over a career that spanned more than four decades, died of pancreatic cancer Sunday, Dec. 19, at Chestnut Hill Hospital. She played with jazz greats John Coltrane and Rahsaan Roland Kirk, among others, her daughter said. Actually, “she didn't play with them; they played with her. Just about whoever you could mention played with her." Click here for complete obituary from

When organist and pianist Trudy Pitts Carney died Sunday, Dec. 19, of cancer at age 78, Philadelphia lost a vital part of its storied musical heritage. For up-and-coming jazz musicians, it means one less point of contact with “old Philadelphia"—the term pianist Orrin Evans uses for a fading system of mentorship, in which players were taught to master the tradition, but to find their own voice. Click herefor complete followup story from Trudy Pitts Christmas (Video)

Click here for photos of Trudy Pitts, Gloria Coleman, Linda Dachtyl—B3 Summit OSU 4/25/09 (Courtesy of Linda Dachtyl)Read April 23, 2009, story from the Columbus Dispatch advancing the event!
Comments: “Thank you for posting this. This was from the organ summit Trudy did with Gloria Coleman and me in 2009. I have wonderful memories of this weekend."—Linda Dachtyl

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