Top 50 Most Read Music Think Tank Posts in 2010


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Similar to yesterday's most read Hypebot news stories, this is a look at the top Music Think Tank posts in 2010. There's some invaluable advice being churned out by these great authors. If you have a minute, glance through this great list of insights and marketing advice. This listing is also organized by pageviews. Take a look:
  1. How to Write a Music Business Plan .

  2. Bob Marley: The Transformative Sound of Selling Out .

  3. Avoid These Mistakes! 15 Critical Marketing Mistakes That All Musicians Need To Avoid .

  4. 30 Tips For The Typical Musician .

  5. Why Music Should Never Be Given Away For “Free" .

  6. Template for Writing a Music Business Plan .

  7. Eleven Steps To Fixing The Problem That Occurs When You Work Harder Than Everyone Else In The Band .

  8. Dear Musicians—Please Be Brilliant or Get Out of The Way .

  9. Well, What Is A Good Digital Music Strategy ? Part 1—Introduction and Website .

  10. 9 Mistakes To Avoid When Recording Your Own Album .

  11. Top 7 Reasons Why Artists Strongly Resist Social Media .

  12. In Defense Of 1,000 True Fans—Part II—Matthew Ebel .

  13. The Musician's Guide to Facebook Fan Pages .

  14. Investing in Artists: Consider a Promotionless To Popular Strategy First .

  15. For Musicians: 10 Tips For Turning Your Fanbase Into A Tribe .

  16. 7 Steps to Reaching Your Music Career Goals in 2010 .

  17. Merch Table Essentials: 15 Ways For Musicians To Increase Sales, Fans and Efficiency .

  18. The Musician's Guide To The 360 Record Deal .

  19. Why You Should Pay For Music .

  20. A&R Tips: The Art Of The Press Kit .

  21. Happy 'Quit MySpace' Day .

  22. The Five Most Crucial Points For Any New Artist Just Starting Out .

  23. A Sample Music Business Plan .

  24. How to REALLY Get Your Music on Blogs: Finding the Best Blogs for Your Music .

  25. Finding 5,000 Fans Under Your Nose: A Case for Facebook Ads .

  26. Dave Kusek on The Cloud, Topspin, Hype Machine, SoundCloud, and the death of MySpace .

  27. How To Post A Perfect Press Kit On Your Website .

  28. The Real and ONLY Reasons Why Fans File-Share Music .

  29. How Do I Get Booking Agents To Take My Band Seriously ?

  30. Eight Recent Social and Technical Phenomena That Are Making Your Music The Only Thing That Matters To Your Success .

  31. How to RUIN Your Music Career in 7 Easy Steps .

  32. The 4 Reasons Fans Buy Your Products .

  33. Well, What Is A Good Digital Music Strategy ? Part 2—Social Networks .

  34. Create An Elaborate Plan .

  35. The Musicians Guide To Fan-Funding .

  36. An Argument Against Fan Funding .

  37. Download Music Business Legal Documents For Creating Your Own 360 Deal .

  38. The Musician's Social Media Food Pyramid .

  39. 10 Things Bands Can Do to Book More Live Shows .

  40. The Death of the Bridge .

  41. 20 Non-Traditional Venues That Can Boost Your Fanbase .

  42. 10 Ideas For Recording Amazing Guitars .

  43. In Defense Of 1,000 True Fans—Part VII—Ellis Paul𤼄 Fans = $100,000 in Contributions The Ultimate Testament to Fan Loyalty .

  44. Fan-Funding & Donation Sites: 9 Ways to Raise Money for Your Next Music Project .

  45. 10 Free Google Tools to Manage Your Music Career .

  46. I Fight Dragons: 1 Band, 1 Year, & 10,000 New Fans—In Defense of 1,000 True Fans—Part V .

  47. Myspace—Now With Glitter .

  48. The Song/Artist Adoption Formula .

  49. 7 Reasons Why Writing Well Will Help Your Music Career.

  50. Making It In One Year—Is It Possible?

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