Timucin Sahin Quartet featuring Mark Turner @ Knitting Factory 10 april 2006


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Timucin Sahin will appear with a brand new Quartet @ Knitting Factory Old Office in New York on the 10 april @ 8.30 pm.

His quartet features one of the great tenor players Mark Turner.

Quartet also features magnificent young drummer Marcus Gilmore and bassist Matt Brewer whom Sahin also works together in his formation with Greg Osby.

Sahin recently became one of the finalists of the prestiqius Deloitte Jazz Award in Netherlands where he performed with Jazz Orchestra of Concertgebouw.

Timucin Sahin Quartet
Timucin Sahin: E.Fretless guitars, compositions, live electronics
Mark Turner: Tenor saxaphone
Marcus Gilmore: Drums
Matt Brewer: Bass


“For Turkish guitarist Timucin Sahin, jazz merely serves as a name for a set of conventions he embroiders with forward-looking compositions, improvisation, and timbres on his new record Window for My Breath. Filtered through the kaleidoscopic vision of Sahin and his crack band, bassist Kai Eckhardt and drummer Owen Hart Jr., the pieces effortlessly move between meters and textures, dropping in polyrhytms before swinging or conjuring the avant-funk of Victor Wooten without any of the feel-good virtuosity pills. They touch upon raga and reggae over occasional bursts of ambient computer noises that blurp, bleep, and awe." ~Alex K. Fong, San Francisco Bay Guardian February 2006

“From Turkey comes Timucin Sahin with Slick Road, an album that shows how far away from the American tradition jazz has drifted, all the while remaining vibrant and true to its essence." ~All About Jazz February 2004

“For those with an interest in expanding their musical boundaries and hearing how other traditions can expand the musical palette of improvisation, Timucin Sahin's Slick Road is well worth the listen." ~ Jazzview (UK) March 2004

“Sahin has chops galore yet remains tastefully restrained, a gritty fusion player . The chemistry evoked by Sahin's at times complex, beautiful compositions and the drummerless line-up make this an intriguing, original and witty listen." ~Jazzwise May 2004

“Rhythm plays a large part in Sahin's work, sometimes establishing dark grooves, other times moving with time shifts that, in the hands of those less capable, would sound clumsy but here are completely seamless. With a voracious musical appetite that includes African, Indian and more traditional western jazz and contemporary classical music, Sahin has fashioned a sound that is an intriguing blend." ~ John Kelman, All About Jazz, March 2004

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