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The latest disc from Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band


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The latest disc from Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band, The Phat Pack, showcases more of the hot licks that fans have come to know and love. In addition to the playful jazz of such tracks as “Whodunnit?" and “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes", the Big Phat Band teams up with guest vocalist Dianne Reeves, fresh from winning a Grammy for her work on the soundtrack to the Oscar winning film “Good Night and Good Luck." In true “Rat Pack" fashion, Dianne tackles a sexy arrangement of the timeless Frank Sinatra classic “Too Close for Comfort" that is sure to become a classic in its own right. Her energy is as infectious as her vocal stylization, and if anything rings true for the Big Phat band, it's consistent energy-timeless and classic.

Gordon Goodwin comments about this vibe that ran through the creation and recording of The Phat Pack: “We in the Big Phat Band have similar aspirations as the original Rat Pack: to bring to our audience a form of timeless, creative music that remains significant. We try to play this music with energy, passion and abandon, and with the same sense of fun that Frank, Sammy and Dean had. We just do it without the tuxedos and the martinis and the cigarettes and the gambling and the guys named Jilly and the showgirls....

...Showgirls. Hmm. Now there's a thought".

Track Listing:

01. Cut 'n Run
02. Too Close For Comfort (featuring Dianne Reeves)
03. Count Bubba's Revenge
04. Play That Funky Music (featuring David Sanborn)
05. The Phat Pack
06. Hunting Wabbits 2 (A Bad Hare Day)
07. La Almeja Pequena (The Little Clam)
08. Get In Line
09. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
10. Under the Wire (featuring Eddie Daniels)
11. Whodunnit?
12. It Was a Very Good Year (featuring Take 6)
13. Ever Braver, Ever Stronger (An American Elegy)

Disc Features:


* Complete album in stereo


* Complete album in 5.1 surround sound
* New concert videos and recording session videos
* Big Phat Band Photo Gallery
* Big Phat Solo Transcriptions
* Bios of each member of the Big Phat Band
* The Big Phat Band Tivia Game featuring a special BONUS audio track
* Make your own mix of a Big Phat Band track
* Audio Commentary Gordon Goodwin discusses each track on The Phat Pack
* Bonus Big Phat Band interviews available with purchases via DVD Launcher
* Video Linear Notes
* Portable music files and bonus ROM content

The Big Phat Band

Gordon Goodwin

Alex Iles
Andy Martin
Charlie Morillas
Craig Ware (bass trb)

Eric Marienthal
Sal Lozano
Brian Scanlon
Jeff Driskill
Jay Mason

Wayne Bergeron
Dan Fornero
Bob Summers
Dan Savant

Ray Brinker
Bernie Dresel

Rick Shaw

Grant Geissman
Carl Verheyen

Luis Conte
Brad Dutz

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