The Katie Bull Group Tu Eres Mi Vida! at the 55BAR Thursday June 22 @7:00 p.m.


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The Katie Bull Group Project '06-'07:
Tu Eres Mi Vida!
(in the blink of an eye)

Thursday June 22
@7:00 p.m.

at the 55BAR
55 Christopher Street
No Cover Charge


The Katie Bull Group Project '06-'07: Tu Eres Mi Vida! (in the blink of an eye) ... new Bull originals & new takes on timeless jazz standards ...to be recorded in August* ...to be released in the Spring of '07 katie Bull, vocals “....unlike any other singer...represents a true discovery for anyone who hasn't heard her yet."Jazzreview.com david Phelps, guitar David is a major genre-bending jazz guitar groove master. He is an extraordinary veteran who plays with heart, soul, and guts. He can play truthfully in a wide range of “languages" - last year he played the blues with playwright Sam Shepard.Phelps is a Peter Apfelbaum collaborator, he is part of Apfelbaum's New York Hyroglyphics ensemble, and can be heard on their recent releaseIt Is Written; “...agenre-mashing ambition as (Apfelbaum) blends jazz with a host of world music influences to form a powerfully grooving sound." (All About Jazz.com) joeFonda, bass Joe can be heard on all my albums; we formed a voice bass duo several years ago. Joe's wild energy and freedom has greatly influenced me in the group work for '06-'07. Presently Joe is on a European tour with his Conference Call mates Michael Jefry Stevens, George Schuller, and Herb Robertson. Joe will storm Manhattan for this gig! “...capable of playing it straight, Joe Fonda is most comfortable on the alpha edge of music."(Bull-Fonda Duo review) AllAboutJazz.com."...Fonda's music is rooted in a lot of good-old fashioned musical values, and he carries them with him even when he's pushing himself to be a full-blooded participant in the avant-garde jazz culture that has been one of his main sources of musical nourishment, whether at the hands of Anthony Braxton, Leo Smith, or the multi-media performance collectives he's had an affinity for over the years." (Michael Parker). harveySorgen, drums Harvey is another major jazz veteran; he is a powerful whirlwind who can play firmly in the pocket, and can stretch any music to the out edge. Harvey is just completely present in the moment. In addition to his years as a drummer for Hot Tuna and the Grateful Dead, Harvey is known for his amazing power, sensitivity and invention in contemporary experimental jazz ensembles including Stevens, Rust, & Sorgen. At his first 55Bar gig with me Time Out New York noted the “voltage" Sorgen was sure to bring into the room...and he sure did bring it in - he is just plain charged. *in addition to Phelps, Fonda, and Sorgen, other musicians who will be recording on the next CD are: Michael Jefry Stevens (piano), Frank Kimbrough (piano), Matt Wilson (drums), and David Cast (saxophone). ABOUT the music for TU ERES MI VIDA! - On a stormy night, as the rain, wind and thunder slashed against the cliffs, the New Songs pursued me, just as I was running away. This rogue troupe of “Originals" dragged me home and took up residence in my warm and dry kitchen, wielding wooden spoons, sharp knives, onions, and garlic. These vagabonds wore beautiful shaggy coats of worn leather and frayed burlap. Often I caught glimpses of their shiny blue and orange undergarments when they bent down to lift the fire wood. I wanted to join them. They taught me to cook, and how to use a saw and a hammer so that I could rebuild what was falling apart. Then one day they sat me down at the piano and said, “play us". Suddenly more guests arrived, and more, and still more, as word of the banquet spread. On the night of the feast I was in a state of breathless awe - bewitched in fact - as I witnessed the manners and grace of the classic jazz Standards. They came straight up to the front door in sleek red velvet and black satin, right on time for dinner, respectful of all our differences in religion and appearance. I announced them properly. I sat the Standards at the table with my Originals. (Here's what I learned in Ghana when I was eleven; eat with your hands because if you can feel the food you can taste it more fully.) Eating with our hands was the best part of the dinner party. I would like it to be known that the Standards did not consider it disrespectful to touch the food. I will never forget how the Standards tapped their bare feet against the legs of the thick oak table, carved to resemble lion's paws. They tapped so hard the motion made waves in our wine. Table conversation was enlightening. The Court Jester kept sneaking up behind us and whispering in our ears, “Tu Eres Mi Vida" over and over again, which made us laugh; he got so close with his lips that his breath tickled. In between bites of grill, stew, and sautee we shared necessary stories about children with racing hearts, intrigue, and elopement. Often we would question the Whisperer - “What does that mean? What does that mean?" . We felt an urgent need to translate - we didn't want another war. Soon it was discovered we were each secretly falling in love. Imagine my shock when, in the blink of an eye, we were all dancing in each other's arms; the truth had been there all the while.At the end of the fiesta the food was completely consumed, we all knew each other intimately, and had decided there was no other choice - we had to seize the moment -- we had to .... (Bull)

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