Live! Songbook Watch Party with Dominick Farinacci

Special Memorial Day episode of Songbook Watch Party with host Dominick Farinacci.


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Tell us what jazz means to you and we'll share your story with the All About Jazz community.
Jazz is important to many of us. For some, it's a part of our DNA. For others, it represents a proud part of our heritage, while, for others still, it's simply great music that's an ever-present part of our daily lives.

We're curious to know what jazz means to you, so we've created a forum for our members to share their own jazz stories.

You can submit your story from your member update form (scroll down to the “Your Jazz Story" box).

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You can complete one or more of the following or go wildcard and share your nearest and dearest thoughts about jazz.

  • I love jazz because...
  • I was first exposed to jazz...
  • I met [musician name]...
  • The best show I ever attended was...
  • The first jazz record I bought was...
  • My advice to new listeners...
  • Or whatever else you have in mind.
Have fun with it. We look forward to sharing your story with the All About Jazz community!

Thank you!
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