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The Igor Prochazka Trio releases "Bumpy"


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Igor Prochazka
The Igor Prochazka Trio has discovered an alternative to smooth jazz, and that is to be Bumpy. The title of the Spain-based Trio's new album, it could also describe their take on jazz, fueled by a progressive vision that finds order in the heart of chaos.

The members have different geographical origins that influence the band's wildly eclectic sound. Leader Prochazka is from Germany while bassist Christian Perez hails from the United States and drummer Diego Gutierrez is a native of Spain. Oddly enough, each of those countries is represented in the group's overall style without being conscious of it. Prochazka's free-wheeling piano playing has both the visionary attitude and technical mastery of European jazz; Perez' bass is fueled by the rhythmic swagger of American music; and Gutierrez's drumming is spiced by the frenetic energy of Latin jazz.

The Igor Prochazka Trio formed in 2006. They released their debut album, Easy Route, two years later. Bumpy finds the band reveling in their chemistry; this is a group that now knows each other well, locking together as a cohesive unit. They're also completely aware that their creative direction could shift at any moment. The heavy bass, pounding drums, and dramatic piano that open “Trio Gafas" build up to what turns out to be a detour; it abruptly changes into sprightly, swinging jazz. “Consolidation" opens with Prochazka playing at breathtaking speed then settles into a soft groove with Perez' comforting bass and Gutierrez' steady drums providing him with a safety net. Spontaneous and unpredictable, Bumpy is as wonderfully herky-jerky as its title.

According to Prochazka, Bumpy is only the beginning for the Trio. “Since we got together, the band is constantly trying out new ideas and compositions," Prochazka explained. “In nearly each rehearsal someone comes up with new ideas, written down on preliminary lead sheets. Many ideas get archived along the way when we figure out they don't work out with well in this group." Prochazka added that Bumpy reflects the rocky roads of life itself. “There are lots of ups and downs in life. It's bumpy—never smooth. Our latest CD is a reflection of the challenges along the way."

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