The Hidden Bill Holman


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Yesterday I posted on three little known powerhouse albums with arrangements by Bill Holman (above). Today, I'm turning you on to a superb album from 2012 that Tom Lord's Jazz Discography wasn't aware featured Bill's work: The Pete Christlieb & Linda Small 11-Piece Band's Tall & Small: High on U (Bosco).

Christlieb (above) is a West Coast saxophonist who has played and recorded with big bands and small groups since 1965, when he bean with Si Zentner. That's his tenor sax solo on Steely Dan's Deacon Blues in 1977. Linda Small is Pete's wife. She plays trombone, and studied at the New England Conservatory. She has played with the Boston Pops Orchestra, the Boston Ballet, the Detroit Symphony and other ensembles. On the jazz side, she has worked with Emil Richards, Supersax, Don Menza, Buddy Childers and others.

Tall & Small: High on U is a tremendous album that features Bill's arrangements and originals. The scores are difficult but still sustain Bill's engaging touch. The material captures the full range of Bill's approaches, from swingers (including the title track, Bosco Sez and Pent-Up House) to mid-tempo tunes (Open Country and Minuet) and ballads (Meaning of the Blues, A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing).

Here's a probable personnel: Bob Summers, Tony Bonsera (tp) Linda Small (tb/ldr) Pete Christlieb (ts/ldr) plus three reeds out of: Terry Harrington, Kevin Guerin, Rob Heart and Gene Cipriano (reeds), Joe Bagg (p), Jim Hughart (b) Steve Schaeffer (d) and Bill Holman (arr).

Here's a video of the band, with Bill Holman directing...

JazzWax tracks: You'll find the Pete Christlieb & Linda Small 11-Piece Band's Tall & Small: High on U here. Dig that title track!

JazzWax clip: Here's Bill Holman's Without a Paddle...

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