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The Dukes Of Dixieland Are Back!


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The Dukes of Dixieland
The original Dukes of Dixieland, the band formed by the Assunto brothers, are back and they are on SRI Jazz. The much anticipated original Audio Fidelity recordings by the Dukes of Dixieland have been requested by so many fans and SRI Jazz is proud to announce the release of the first of this series of recordings, “The Dukes of Dixieland," will be available soon at all major online retail outlets including Amazon and iTunes.

“This much awaited digitally re-mastered release is just the beginning of what SRI Jazz plans to release by the Dukes," says Shelly Liebowitz, SRI CEO. “You do have to hear it to believe how great they were! We are very happy to give the fans what they want and they have asked for the Dukes. For those music fans who are not familiar with this band you are in for a real treat and for all the Dukes fans we know you will want to owns these recorded treasures." Liebowitz thanks the Dukes' fans for their loyalty, citing the many requests for this classic collection and the Assunto estate for licensing these recordings to SRI Jazz.

With the addition new artist Bryant Sterling, and two new website features, free song downloads and full song previews in their online jukebox, SRIRecords.com has experienced an increase in traffic and sales. “We plan to continue to provide our visitors with the best artists, the best music and a constantly improving website," says Liebowitz.

SRI Jazz and SRI Records are part of SRI Music Group providing quality, collectible Blues, Jazz, Country and Rock N Roll from major artists past and present. As one of the first websites on the internet to offer collectible blues, jazz, country and rock n' roll, SRIRecords.com established itself as a pioneer offering music on the web since 1998. With industry veteran Shelly Liebowitz at the helm over the last 15 years, SRI has strived to provide a standard of excellence in the world of music.

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