The Blue Dolls vs. the Stolen Sweets at the Teatro Regio in Turin - Italy on 26th March 2008


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The vocal trio Blue Dolls is composed by Erika Celesti, soprano, Federica Pallante, soprano and Viviana Dragani, contralto.

The repertoire of The Blue Dolls ranges from the vocal arrangements of '40s Trio Lescano and Quartetto Cetra style to the American ones Andrews Sisters style, to musical excerpts of '50s The Supremes style. As an example we mention some typical musical excerpts of their wide repertoire: Baciami piccina, Moon River, Silenzioso slow, Summertime, Un'ora sola ti vorrei, Shoo shoo baby, Maramao perch sei morto, and so on. If required, the Blue Dolls can present “thematic" concerts performing just Italian music of '40s or just American music,

The three Blue Dolls are not just singers, but also very good jazz and tip-tap dancers; as a consequence their show is an “all sing, all dance show", ideal for performances in theatre and on open stages.

At the same time the gracious and velvet but never violent sound of group, with a very soft drummer who uses just the brushes, makes the group suitable for performing a refined and original background for parties, business parties and so on.

Using a set of clothes, make-up and hairstyle designed ad hoc for their show, The Blue Dolls offer, not only a proved technical/artistical ability, but also a unique elegant image.

Since their beginning, in October 2005, The Blue Dolls played at the most important clubs in the North of Italy such as THE BLUE NOTE in Milan, MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL in Switzerland, The Brass Group in Palermo, Le Scimmie in Milan, the JazzOnLive in Brescia, the Louisiana Jazz Club in Genova and in prestigious Theatres such as Carignano in Turin, the Coccia Theatre in Novara, the Regio Theatre in Turin, the Carlo Felice in Genova and also at several private suppers and some square festivals, and so on.

In May and in December 2006 the Blue Dolls were guests at Chiambretti's programme called Markette, on national Italian TV - channel La 7, in May and in June 2007 at Marco Predolin's programme “Cantando Ballando" and Gianni Turco's programme “Millevoci", Maurizio Costanzo Show, and “Stella" in March 2008.

The trio of the Blue Dolls worked in numerous musicals, such as “Cotton Club", “The Ghosts of Charleston “, “Cart00nia", and so on.

The Blue Dolls are accompanied by a rhythmical session composed by Paolo Volante (piano), Marco Parodi (guitar), Riccardo Vigore' (bass) and Luca Rigazio (roller with brushes).

The Stolen Sweets

The Stolen Sweets perform vocal jazz arrangements inspired by New Orleans favorites, The Boswell Sisters, one of the hottest girl groups of the 1930s. Comprised of vocalists Jen Bernard, Lara Michell and Erin Sutherland and string syncopators Keith Brush, Pete Krebs, and David Langenes, The Sweets deliver a unique brand of vintage swing jazz, dishing up abundant doses of coy stage antics and sideways glances as they play.

The Boswell Sisters were verifiable radio stars in the late 20s and early 30s, keeping company with the likes of the Dorsey Brothers, Bunny Berigan, Eddie Lang, and Benny Goodman - partnerships that provided the jazz world with some of its most influential recordings.

The nature of the music was auspicious and good-humored, providing a ray of hope to listeners during a truly dispiriting economic depression.

The girls were famous for their tight three - part harmonies, subtle lyrical innuendo and dizzying tempo changes. As a result, the Sweets' repertoire is brimming with ambitious arrangements of everything from standards like “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" to obscure tunes like “Gee, But I'd Like to Make You Happy."

The Sweets' ability to transport audiences to the early days of jazz has already earned them a sizable and colorful fan base in their native Portland and beyond.

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