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The Best Albums Of 2016 — Exciting, Eclectic, Dope, Diverse, Funky Music From Around The World


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I created Funkish to share the music I love, and am constantly discovering, with other like minded individuals. And, as a musical discovery service for time- strapped lovers of eclectic music that want to get into something new, but just don’t have time, or know where to look for inspiration.
Another year has just come to a close, it’s time to review the best albums & singles of 2016. These records were chosen to be the best albums in terms of jazzy, soulful, distinctive, funky music of various styles and genres from around the world.

The criteria is that it must be made with heart & soul. It’s got to have a great groove throughout. The music must have syncopation, be melodic, harmonious & poly-rhythmic.

The list is comprised of mostly instrumental albums. For the records that have singing, the criteria is that the lyrics tell a good story, get the party started, be joyful, clever, fun, metaphoric, and intelligent.

For the full list of the Top 20 Best Albums of 2016—with reviews, YouTube videos from each artist in the list, and Spotify playlists with all the albums (plus honorable mentions), go here.

The Top 10, as chosen by the writer of the blog are…

1. Sure Fire Soul Ensemble: Out On The Coast (Colemine Records)

2. Quantic Presents Flowering Inferno: 1000 Watts (Tru Thoughts Records)

3. The Motet: Totem

4. Vaudou Game: Kidayu (Hot Casa Records)

5. Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band: 55 (Big Crown Records)

6. Family Atlantica: Cosmic Unity (Soundway Records)

7. Nomade Orquestra: Nomade Orquestra (Far Out Recordings)

8. Matthew Hartnett: Southern Comfort

9. Dr. Lonnie Smith: Evolution (Blue Note Records)

10. Snarky Puppy: Culcha Vulcha (Ground Up Music)

The Funkish music blog routinely reports on provocative new music from around the world. Funkish is an epic resource guide for people who are curious to broaden their musical horizons, but maybe don’t know where to look, and who don’t have time to search for loads of remarkable new music. Music lovers can always find many free Spotify playlists there when they want to get turned on to joyful, eclectic music from across the globe.

Funkish highlights Funk music with a broad scope to the definition—not just old school 1970s Funk, but new Funk, instrumental Funk music, and genre-bending hybrids of Funk and world music. Readers can also enjoy much classic and contemporary Jazz, traditional and newer Reggae music, high-energy Latin music, astonishing African music, and breath- taking Brazilian beats...and of course, learn about the amazing artists & dedicated record labels that get this marvelous music out for all of us to enjoy.

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