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The Avishai Cohen's of Jazz: Distinguishing the Bassist/Composer from the Trumpeter


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Bassist/pianist Avishai Cohen -- who is also a member of Chick Corea's Trio and The International Vamp Band -- is being confused with the trumpeter AVISHAI E. COHEN, a member of the Lemon Juice Quartet.

Avishai Cohen is who we hear on such CDs as Colors, Devotion, Adama, Unity and on Chick Corea's PAST PRESENT AND FUTURES and COREA. CONCERTO is the same Avishai Cohen that was voted one of the most important bass players of the 20th Century by the editorial staff of BASS PLAYER MAGAZINE.

These two musicians play highly distinctive music and should not be confused.

Avishai E. Cohen is a trumpeter with the Lemon Juice Quartet and does not play bass with Chick Corea!

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