Taylor Haskins' Recombination & Erik Deutsch @ Loove at Coco 66 on March 29th


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Monday, March 29th
The LOOVE at Coco 66 presents:

Taylor Haskins' Recombination - 8pm

Taylor Haskins [trumpet, fx & keys]
Jonathan Goldberger [guitar]
Henry Hey [keys]
Todd Sickafoose [bass]
Nate Smith [drums]

With the intention of creating music with a unique set of DNA, Taylor Haskins & 'Recombination' ride soaring melodies atop lush, hypnotic grooves to reach new worlds of musical expression. They seek nothing less than the total integration of pure sonic exploration with melody & song-form. “Haskins ran his trumpet through a pedal...adding to the wave of electronically sculpted sound pulsing and glitching over the acoustic rhythm section. The five musicians on stage often sounded more like ten." - The Brooklyn Rail, February 2010

Erik Deutsch's Camera/Interpreter - 10pm

Erik Deutsch [organ]
Brandon Seabrook [guitar]
Eric Biondo [trumpet]
Vinnie Sperrazza [drums]

A new band that plays hits of the 70s and 80s. No risks, adventures, or experiments. Just rock.

The LOOVE is a series initiated by Josh Roseman's Scrootable Labs with Search and Restore & the team at Coco 66, promoting improv in North Brooklyn.

Coco 66 is a vibrant music space in central Greenpoint, featuring a sound-isolated hall, excellent PA and acoustics, vibey bar and creative programming 7 days per week.

Located at 66 Greenpoint Ave (at Franklin Street)
Music running from 8pm- 12midnight

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