Susanna Lindeborg's Mwendo Dawa "A Taste of Four Free Minds" LJCD5248


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Experience Mwendo Dawa! Jazz - free-form - fusion - avant garde - electro acoustic music or just Mwendo Dawa! The group from the start led and developed by Susanna Lindeborg and Ove Johansson is not only fronting these two musicians but also consists of four very strong personalities and four utterly skillful musicians and improvisers.

SUSANNA LINDEBORG'S MWENDO DAWA is a Swedish quartet formed by Susanna Lindeborg, piano and keyboard together with Ove Johansson, tenorsax and EWI. The name MWENDO DAWA is Swahili and means “:the way to a special goal" which is a very suitable name, because MWENDO DAWA has always been in the forefront seeking means of new expression. Susanna Lindeborg has had some international success with her group since the breakthrough at the Montreux Jazzfestival and MWENDO DAWA has performed in 20 countries in Europe and North- and Southamerica doing festivalappearances and radio and TV. The last few years MWENDO DAWA has now and then performed in USA and Canada and also recorded a couple of records in New York.

SUSANNA LINDEBORG started as a classical pianist before she got into improvised music. She began working as a professional jazzmusician during the late seventies and then added synthesizer to her keyboard work. Today you can also hear her in the Lindeborg/Johansson Duo and she is also performing solo doing a improvisational performance together with her computers doing electroacoustical backgrounds. Her first soloCD came1989, and this record gave her some recognition and led to work in Germany together with other European and American musicians and radio and TV performances. Susanna«s style is powerful and she uses the electronical keyboards very tastefully and is careful with æsthetic form. Her second solo came 2001 called “Key Paintings". Three duoCDs together with Ove Johansson are released - “Bright Openings" 1991, “Structures" 1999 and “Lines" 2006. And with the group Natural Artefacts together with PA Nilsson, computer, presenting Live electronics, came “Natural Artefacts" 2001 and “Like Jazz" 2006. Susannas style is powerful and she uses piano and electronical keyboards very tastefully.

Together with tenor player Ove Johansson Susanna Lindeborg writes most of the material for MWENDO DAWA. The sound is a modern blend of acoustic and electronic instruments and has a strong personal touch. MWENDO DAWA of today has the acoustic instruments in the forefront and the electronic part is used as backgrounds of electro acoustical character. The compositions use all elements of music today from twelve tone technique to free improvisation.

OVE JOHANSSON is also an important composer for MWENDO DAWA with a powerful playing and a great sound, and his personal and intense way of playing seldom fails to make audience react. His musical career started in the fifties and he has during the years led his own groups but also cooperated with musicians like Lars Gullin and others. But although his not a newcomer Ove Johansson has constantly developed his music into new fields, and is always in the forefront of new music. You can also listen to his four solo releases - Ove Johansson solo from 1990, “In a different World" 1997, “Logic Steps" 2002 and “Music from Steninge" 2005.

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