Support E.S.P.'s "Live In The Midwest" Kickstarter Campaign and get a signed CD after the tour!

Support E.S.P.'s "Live In The Midwest" Kickstarter Campaign and get a signed CD after the tour!

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E.S.P. is brewing an exciting concoction of original modern jazz infused with spicy Latin beats and seasoned with funky grooves. Originating from central New York, this quartet has passionately pursued creating new music for decades collecting three consecutive “Best Jazz Album of the Year” awards along the way. Always searching for a new challenge, E.S.P. performs with skill, joy and enthusiasm. It’s real jazz, you just won't need your GPS to follow it!

International touring artists E.S.P. are announcing the kickoff of their latest project Live in the Midwest—a tour and a recording project rolled into one.

In 2019, E.S.P. returned from a successful European tour, playing packed rooms in select legendary jazz clubs. In 2020 they are moving on to the next venture: making a live record while on tour in the United States.

Embarking on a challenging endeavor, this modern jazz group from Syracuse NY will travel across the Midwest, stopping at jazz clubs in Buffalo, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Nashville and Louisville, recording each performance along the way. After the tour the band will listen to all the recordings and pick the best tracks for a new record called E.S.P.- Live in the Midwest.

“We feel like we have picked the perfect venues in each state that create an atmosphere that will help us capture the energy and creativity of those fleeting moments from live performances” says bassist and tour manager Matthew Vacanti, originally from Orchard Park, NY. The group also includes guitarist John Magnante, drummer Evan DuChene, and saxophonist Tony Greene.

To help pay the cost of the trip and the recording, the band is taking pre-orders for the new album along the way. It’s $10 for the digital download and $25 for a signed CD. Everyone is invited to be a part of this historic moment by ordering a copy of the recording.

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