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STLJN Saturday Video Showcase: Gettin' Dirty with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band


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This week, we shine our video spotlight on New Orleans' Dirty Dozen Brass Band, who will be back in St. Louis to perform next Saturday, February 26 on a double bill with singer/pianist Jon Cleary at the Sheldon Concert Hall. The DDBB have played here numerous times in recent years, with their last visit coming in November 2009 at the Broadway Oyster Bar.

The four clips featured today are all of fairly recent vintage, starting up above with a version of “John The Revelator" recorded in 2008 at a festival in Burghausen, Germany. Down below is another clip from the same gig, the DDBB staple “Dirty Old Man," in which baritone saxophonist Roger Lewis gets to rap about spankin' somebody.

Below that, we've got the Dirty Dozen's take on a couple of New Orleans classics, an undated-but-looks-to-be-fairly-recent version of “Junko Partner," and “When The Saints Go Marching In," from a 2010 show at the Wolftrap performing arts center in Virginia that roused the audience to get up on their feet and second-line around the perimeter. For more DDBB performances on video, check out this post that ran here before their last appearance in St. Louis.

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