Steve Cole's "Pulse" Beating Strongly


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The saxophonist comes full circle on his seventh album, which was released today.

Minneapolis, Minnesota (17 September 2013): Deep soul nuances, rhythm & blues grooves, a wall of horns and hooks that pack a wallop are the heartbeat of saxman Steve Cole’s “Pulse,” his seventh album that was released today by Artistry Music. The record that he penned and produced with fellow saxophonist David Mann represents a return to the sound and style with which he’s most comfortable having come full circle in the 15 years since his award-winning debut disc. Radio programmers seemed to enthusiastically affirm “With You All The Way” by jumping on the aptly titled first single that is presently poised to enter the Billboard BDS Smooth Jazz Songs top 10.

Innately inspired, the authenticity on “Pulse” is evident in Cole’s impassioned sax play. He gets right to the point on the rhythmic ride spanning ten tracks, often opening his original songs with the chorus. The consistent hit creator hooks listeners from the start and reels them in with the assistance of taut grooves. A popular performer, Cole spent the summer playing concerts in the U.S. and Germany to set the stage for the American and European release of “Pulse” while introducing his fan base to the new tunes. The push continues with album release gigs lined up in the coming months in New York City (October 12), South Florida (November 2), Southern California (November 8 & 9) and Minneapolis, Minnesota (November 16), the Chicago native’s adopted hometown. Cole will be featured as the Artist of the Year at the 24th Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival taking place in Delaware on October 17-20.

Below is a sampling of the early album reviews for Cole’s “Pulse”:

“Filled with the sounds of blues, funk, soul, gospel, R&B, and hip hop jams...Cole has generously ‘returned to the basics’ on his new 10-song album with renewed vigor and creative force.” – Hill Rag

“With yet another smooth and dead-on album, saxman Steve Cole gives it his all on Pulse, a truly satisfying endeavor pulsating with lots of soul and appeal.” – The Smooth Jazz Ride

“A ten track set that’s heavy on infectious melodies and soulful grooves.” – Soul and Jazz and Funk

“This is really an album with a muscular horn section and with soul-powered grooves. Honest, natural and with a quick pulse!” – Smooth Jazz Europe

“It will get your head nodding and your feet tapping” – Smooth Jazz

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