Slovak Bass Legend Juraj Griglak Soars On New Album "Time To Fly"


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Living legends have a reputation to live up to, but Slovak bass icon Juraj Griglak certainly accomplishes that on his latest album, Time to Fly. Renowned for his bass wizardry, especially his ability to weave through various musical styles such as jazz, funk, classical, and folk, Griglak never ceases to impress on this release. Those oblivious to the specifics of Griglak’s technical prowess will be reeled in by his invigorating and mesmerizing performances.

The title track leaps from a whisper to a scream. It begins ice-cool and mellow, with snappy drumming and tasteful riffs setting a calming mood. However, Griglak’s bass starts to percolate, finding its groove; really alive now, it brings down the funk, muscular and scorching hot. Bass lines throb with electricity, and it’s a wonderful jolt to the senses. Griglak has taken off, and there’s no turning back.

Griglak has been acclaimed for his versatility, and that certainly is apparent here. “Inside” is relatively introspective and moody, drenched in late-evening atmospherics. Hypnotic bass and soothing sax relax the mind and body; this is a chill-out cut that cleanses the spirit of any lingering stress. On the opposite end, “Trilobit” and “Fretless Interlude” kick out the jams with funky abandon, helping enable an album telling listeners it’s Time to Fly to soar through the skies.

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