Singer/Songwriter Randy Cherkis Soars With New "Super Hero" Single


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Singer/songwriter Randy Cherkis does not need flying lessons to soar through the skies. On his latest single, “When a Super Hero Falls in Love,” Cherkis unveils the cape beneath his beating heart. “I’m not just an ordinary man,” he croons to his ladylove.

Strumming an escalating riff that recalls Filter’s “Take a Picture,” Cherkis has written an uplifting, sweetly sung ballad that would’ve swept Lois Lane off her feet. According to Cherkis, though, the inspiration behind the tune had nothing to do with Krypton’s last son. “I wrote ‘When a Super Hero Falls in Love’ last year after watching the movie I Am Number 4,” Cherkis explained. Nevertheless, the lyrics’ themes of secret identities and having extraordinary abilities is still rooted in Cherkis’ love for Superman comic books. “My favorite super hero is, without a doubt, Superman,” Cherkis revealed. “I collected Superman comic books and regularly watched all the Superman movies. And why is Superman my favorite? There's no cooler super-hero than Superman.”

With super-hero films dominating the summer box office again, including one with the Man of Steel himself, Cherkis’ timing couldn’t have been more perfect, an unlikely tender soundtrack to blockbusting heroics.

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