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Singer/Songwriter Abigail Rockwell Appears In A Special "One Night Only" Performance Of The New Show, “autumn Noir: Echoes Of Jazz”


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I heard the echo of another singer in Rockwell’s vocals... Her voice is a bit deeper and fuller, but her phrasing, her use of occasional melisma, and the breathy sexiness of her sound call to mind Morgana King... high praise. --Gerry Geddes, Bistro Awards
Singer/Songwriter Abigail Rockwell appears in a Special “One Night Only" Performance of the New Show, Autumn Noir: Echoes of Jazz

Wednesday, September 28th at 8pm.
Cafe Noctambulo at Pangea
178 2nd Ave (11th Street @ 2nd Ave)
New York, NY

NYC's Intimate Downtown Live Music Supper Club.

Show Description: The show is Torch, Noir and Autumn. And in the midst of the darker tones, there is room to swing in the face of it all. There is always a place for sauce, candor, raw emotion, and passion. The stark contrast and shadings of light and dark that bring Noir to life- are mirrored by the beacon of Torch music.

Abigail will light the Torch and let it burn, shine and smolder. With a fresh combo of original torch and swing music and new looks at standards- the evening will depart from what is known to explore the dark, exotic passage.

Gary Versace: musical director/pianist. Michael O'Brien: bass. Brian Fishler: drums.

Live music is about finding community in the middle of an increasingly isolated world. Let's come together in love and song... and discover.

Presented by Lampkin Music Group and Christopher Gines

$20 cover/$20 food & beverage min.

This story appears courtesy of Lampkin Publicity Service.
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