Singer Christine Tobin and Pianist Liam Noble Discuss "Tapestry Unravelled" at AAJ


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Christine Tobin is an uncompromising singer whose distinctive voice has graced the British jazz scene since the mid-1990s. Whether singing her own songs or interpreting the work of others, Tobin brings a unique sensibility to each number; creating atmospheric and, at times, emotionally intense performances. Liam Noble, one of the UK's most original jazz pianists, has worked with Tobin for some years as part of her regular band, as well as leading his own projects. Both performers can be expected to produce original and exciting work, and new music from either of them is eagerly awaited.

In 2009, Tobin and Noble got together to produce a new duo album, but instead of recording new material they took the somewhat bold step of reworking a classic '70s recording that went on to become one of the biggest-selling albums of all time--Tapestry (Columbia,1971), by Carole King. The idea of reinterpreting this album was Tobin's, but the finished work--Tapestry Unravelled (Trail Belle Records, 2010)--is the result of the unique combination of voice and piano that arose from the collaborative approach of the two musicians.

AAJ Contributor Bruce Lindsay sat down with both Tobin and Noble, to discuss how the duo reworked this classic album into something both new and familiar. Read Bruce's informative interview, Christine Tobin and Liam Noble: Unraveling Tapestry, published today at AAJ.

You can also read what Bruce has to say about Tapestry Unravelled in his insightful CD Review, also published today at AAJ, and find out how Senior Editor Chris May felt about it in his equally revealing review, published a few weeks back when the CD was released.

AAJ is committed to bringing you the most extensive coverage surrounding new releases anywhere, so be sure to check out all the buzz surrounding Christine Tobin, Liam Noble, and Tapestry Unravelled at AAJ today!

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