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Scotty Anderson's Live DVD: Working Without a Net


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Scotty Anderson
Here’s what people are saying about Scotty Anderson’s new video Working Without a Net (Live at the Capital)

“Having had the distinct honor of being able to produce Triple Stop and Classic Scotty as well as travel with him to various venues: NYC, Dallas, Nashville, etc as well as just talking with him and hearing him play close up, in complete candor I am out of superlatives!! When the guitarist's guitar player, Ted Green says “if he isn't the greatest guitarist who ever lived then I don't know you would be" what more can be said ?? Scotty Anderson has a gift of incredible importance that I would implore everyone who reads this to take up for Scotty and make it a personal mission of yours to ensure that he becomes recognized for his other worldly talent that allows him his rightful place in music history as the treasure he truly is. Make an effort to go hear him live, and urge all of your friend to do the same. I consider myself to be truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with him -believe me - it was never work! He is gonna get mad at me for what I am about to say... but I am compelled to do so. Scotty has an opportunity in a few weeks for a wonderful experience that will further this artist. Tell him, beg him, whatever feel right to you to take this opportunity and seize the day. Scotty - thank for for the opportunity - please have the grace to accept what is being extended to you. It is easy to say no it takes faith to say yes. Clayton - my hat is off to you - you are a saint - just please “get er done"!

“This is a must for any fan of Scotty Anderson. And for those who are not yet fans, surely they will be after seeing this little piece of magic. He is clearly “on" in this performance and burns up the fretwork. The sound is also very clear and detailed with a great mix. Awe inspiring!

His genius is in how great a guitarist he is and how much he loves what he does. The setting is simple and the sound and energy is magic! Must have concert for anyone who loves great musical artistry!

I would also like to make a mention of the fine talents of the rest of the band. To learn the set with only two hours of rehearsal the day prior to the gig is an amazing feat in itself.

Get it and support this great guitar legend!”

- Milan T., Adelaide, South Australia

“Scotty, your playing is second to none. Congratulations on a great DVD!”

- W. Southerland, Eastman, GA

“I think he is great! On scale 1 to 10 ... he is a 10+”

- J. Anderson, Park Hills Kentucky

“Fantastic! This should make guitar history. Scotty's raised the bar for all us pickers.”

- P. Hosey, Sylacauga Alabama

“The most amazing thing about Scotty, on top of his flawless and extraordinary technique, is his endless wealth of ideas - the hardest thing to come by in music. The DVD is well filmed, and the other musicians are great too!”

- O. Hills, Guilford, CT

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