Saxophonist David Liebman and Pianist Jim Ridl Discuss The Creative Process in Jazz at AAJ


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Unlike most other art forms, jazz creativity emerges directly in performance through improvisation. Every jazz performance is unique and comes together in real time while it is being played. Each moment is an original contribution, and not merely an interpretation.

It is clear that some musicians push the envelope more than others. They take necessary risks to explore new territory. Sometimes, they redefine the nature of jazz itself. While they appreciate their lineage, they are not satisfied with merely pursuing what came before them. What do such musicians themselves think of their creative process. What leads them to push the envelope and expand their repertoire and approach?

AAJ Contributor Victor L. Schermer decided to investigate a subject that often arises, but is rarely articulated in any kind of conclusive manner. Interviewing saxophonist David Liebman and pianist Jim Ridl - two players who are definitive of the jazz spirit - it's a revealing look at how two improvising musicians do what they do. Many questions are answered; some remain a mystery.

Check out David Liebman /Jim Ridl: The Creative Process in Jazz at AAJ today!

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