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Sarah Frances Johnston, Las Vegas Gem Sparkles At Billion Dollar Resort


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Sarah Frances Johnston
Onyx Lounge at the Billion Dollar Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa in Las Vegas welcomed 22 year-old New Zealand singing sensation Sarah Frances Johnston as resident soloist beginning Wednesday, August 15.

Ms. Johnston is considered the premier young jazz stylist in Las Vegas by her many fans. And the “no cover charge” Onyx Lounge is considered the best local value in fine music, beautiful decor, and quality drink service.

Sarah Frances Johnston covers classic and contemporary ballads with a sultry style often compared to Billy Holliday, Julie London, Norah Jones, and Diana Krall. A tall order for the former child actress who Las Vegas Seven Magazine called “Vegas’ youngest, and best... torch singer... forever seared into my imagination.”

Website “New Vegas Legends” called Sarah Frances Johnston an “Emerging Artist... her voice is an echo from an era gone by.” The exotic Kiwi entertainer, with flowing dark hair and hourglass figure, is gaining a reputation throughout Las Vegas for her youth, beauty and mature vocal talent.

The Art Deco inspired Onyx Lounge is a perfect fit for the young vocalist, who also covers country and alternative in her unique jazz style. Onyx has the feel of a luxury bar on the promenade deck of a 20th Century ocean liner with its raised deck, navy blue club chairs, hardwood paneling, ship’s prow ceiling, and mahogany capped chrome railing.

The lounge with backlit ivory onyx pillars and bar tops overlooks what one patron called Onyx Cove, a cozy gaming parlor adjacent to the Casino’s Signature T-Bones Steakhouse and leading to the Red Rock’s 800 room Four-Star hotel tower. The venue’s superior acoustics and elevated platform allow both lounge patrons and casino guests to enjoy Ms. Johnston’s amazing singing voice which many have often mistaken for studio recordings.

Ms. Johnston recently commented that she loves seeing the surprised smiles of casino guests as they pass Onyx Lounge and realize that they are hearing a live performance. It is at that moment when they discover the young New Zealand jazz singer named Sarah who has become the Las Vegas gem that sparkles at Red Rock Casino & Resort’s Onyx Lounge.

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