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All About Jazz has improved the appearance of the Jazz Near You calendar widget with new graphics and a “buy" button to facilitate ticket sales.

If you currently do not use our widget, but would like to promote local jazz events on your website or blog, go here.

Existing widget users can grab the new code here.


Welcome Santa Rosa, CA!

We plan to continually add new cities with active jazz scenes to our list of Jazz Near You websites. santarosa.jazznearyou.com represents our latest.

If your city has an active jazz scene and isn't represented at Jazz Near You, please let us know and we'll add it.

Jazz Near You Administrators Wanted

We're actively building our staff of Jazz Near You administrators and we'd love for you to join us. Admins use the JNY platform to support jazz in their respective cities by spreading the word about the service and ensuring that venue and festival information is accurate and complete.

Join our Jazz Near You admin community today!

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Jazz Near Santa Rosa
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