Russ Lossing : All Things Arise on hatOLOGY 629


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Russ Lossing : piano solo : All Things Arise

performing “Alabama Song" by Kurt Weil, “Azure" by Duke Ellington, “Kathelin Gray" by Ornette Coleman, “Pent-Up House" by Sonny Rollins and his own compositions.

For Lossing, improvisation is clearly a special act, a study in transparence and transformation, a creative exchange amongthe elements. One hears fresh relations of time and space. His acute sense of time connects inevitably to its absence. Space is heard in his sense of density, the room he can make around a note even at high speed, the contrasts between counterpoint and elegant strings of single notes. Space is also vertical in Lossing's music--in the ways that wide and tight intervals interact in his chords.

This solo CD seems almost two-sided, like the LP of tradition. There is a side of free improvisations followed by treatments of largely familiar themes. We might think of it as a voyage inward and a voyage outward;a journey forward followed by one into the past--Stuart Broomer

Also available: Russ Lossing-Ed Schuller-Paul Motian, As It Grows : hatOLOGY 605

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