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Roseanna Vitro Releases "Live at the Kennedy Center" on Challenge Records


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Roseanna Vitro
Live at the Kennedy Center
featuring Kenny Werner, Tim Horner and Dean Johnson
Challenge Records

Roseanna Vitro's conviction as a jazz vocalist spans a lifetime and has played out on stages and in studios alongside some of the most accomplished jazz instrumentalists known in the business. Throughout the years, Ms. Vitro has cemented her reputation as a musician's musician, a singer whose passion for heart-felt expression is self-evident, heard with each song she sings.

The swinging and soulful vocalist is most likely to deliver the message of jazz through her international travels as a State Department Jazz Ambassador, but today, Ms. Vitro is bringing it all home with her latest home grown release entitled, Live At The Kennedy Center.

Kennedy Center captures Vitro up-front and center in a spectacular performance as she essays her way through up-tempo burners and heart-stirring ballads, displaying the kind of sovereignty that only comes from a lifelong commitment to the pure art of jazz singing.

Joining Vitro on Live At The Kennedy Center are her long-standing associates, Kenny Werner (piano), Dean Johnson (bassist), and Tim Horner (drummer). Werner is a special collaborator, providing both musical direction and arrangements designed to highlight Vitro's singular spirit and vocal immediacy. Johnson and Horner are Vitro's proven bedrocks providing a musical foundation to Kennedy Center long forged through two world tours and years of musical chemistry.

The vocalist's first live recording drawn from the state of the nation's capital is masterful evidence of Roseanna Vitro's extraordinaire repertoire. Live At The Kennedy Center underscores why she commands lasting support from many loyal followers including jazz authorities such as Dr. Billy Taylor.

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Roseanna Vitro
From Live at the Kennedy Center

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