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Roger Aldridge's Collaboration Project Is Open For Submissions


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Roger Aldridge is hosting a collaboration project through Talenthouse. To participate in the project musicians and ensembles listen to a selection of his original music (link is in the project description), find a piece that you especially like, contact Roger for a copy of the music, and submit a recording of it expressing your vision of the piece to Talenthouse between now and August 20.

Voting for the submissions takes place August 21-28. Afterwards, Roger will make his selection of the musicians, taking into account the people's choice, and the winner(s) will be announced by Talenthouse on September 18.

Roger will collaborate with the winner(s) in a recording of one of his new compositions. Among these unperformed originals are tunes in various styles and a series of 6-horn jazz ensemble scores. The scores use flexible instrumentation to enable them to be performed by many configurations of instruments.

Please see the project description (click on Visit Website) for complete information.

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