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Renown Bassist Lindsey Horner Embarks on Artistshare Project "Undiscovered Country"


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The renowned and versatile bassist Lindsey Horner has embarked on his first ArtistShare project. This project will truly be a multinational one, as almost every single musician is from a different country, and each has an incredibly diverse experience and musical backgrounds.

Undiscovered Country, in Lindsey's own words:

I am embarking on a new project that will bring together many of my past influences as well as some of my favorite musicians who have been most important to me up to this point in my musical journey. We will record and perform some new music conceived and written especially for this unique group of players. I am calling this project “Undiscovered Country" because it will bring together musicians from the various places I have lived and been inspired by and also because the entire process is new, one in which you as the listeners are an important part of what happens. The title, Undiscovered Country, is from Shakespeare (see Hamlet, the “to be, or not to be", speech) and while the reference there is to death, I am choosing to see it in this context as a willingness, or even a need, to step off into the unknown; not recklessly or lightly but to do so fortified and accompanied by strong allies while using the lessons of the times and places and people I have known on my own journey.

The musicians are:

Lindsey Horner: Bass
Erwin Vann: Saxophone
Augustin Foly: Guitar
Colter Harper: Guitar
Allison Miller: Drums
Jeff Berman: Percussion
Rob Thomas: Violin
Special Guest: Legendary Irish Singer Andy Irvine

For more detailed information on the project and the specific musicians Lindsey has chosen to be a part of “Undiscovered Country", please visit his ArtistShare project page!

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