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Recording Engineer Brews His Own 'Grande' Leap As A Woodwind Artist- Maurice Gainen Introduces "Jazz World Colors"


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Los Angeles, CA --- Producer-Engineer-Saxophonist and Flutist, Maurice Gainen is taking on new music ‘grounds.’ With nearly two decades of professional music industry experience, including many notable projects and having mastered the last twenty-seven compilation CDs for Starbucks, Maurice Gainen is proud to announce the release of a CD all his own, JAZZ WORLD COLORS, available at www.CDbaby.com, www.amazon.com and www.itunes.com.

JAZZ WORLD COLORS was created for Gainen’s own creative satisfaction with no commercial considerations, just hoping to share his music with the world with the possible bonus of making a difference. “I believe that in our society the reward for creativity has to be the creative act itself. Any other types of rewards are fleeting or non-existent except for the lucky few. So just the act of doing JAZZ WORLD COLORS was the reward. From that point, the first time someone said ‘I was having a rough day until your CD completely chilled me out,’ it was the emotional gravy train for me… made me feel great,

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