Random Touch's "Turbulent Flesh"


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Algonquin, IL - What really matters when it comes to Random Touch is not their 38 years of collaboration, or their love of pure improvisation or their disinterest in trading music for dollars. What really matters is that they give birth to music that lies beyond ego/mind/thought. Music such as theirs cannot be made when utilizing the mind. Random Touch describe the creative process as riding a wave. The wave itself lies beyond what thought can understand, or the ability of words to bring understanding. While riding this wave the music is manifested. Because this occurs in a space beyond thought, the experience for these three musicians is more akin to witnessing a manifestation, rather than actively creating one. At the deepest level Random Touch are one with the music as it flows into existence. Only afterwards can they recognize the resulting music as a unique and separate entity.

Nowhere is this more apparent than when they set aside traditional instruments - those devices so loaded with personal and public histories--and explore the alchemy of materials intended for other purposes. They may pound, poke, pluck, stroke, scrape, caress, rub, fling, twirl, bounce, bang, knead, crumple, shake, stir or provoke in any imaginable manner. Whether an oil drum, a shelving rack, a cow stanchion or a scrap of plastic, the individual parts matter only a little; the focus is on the symphony of voices that appear to self assemble as if an invisible hand were at work.

“It grows out of accepting and valuing surprise and mystery. It's all about allowing and letting go; surrendering to the moment. We become space itself." --Christopher Brown

“We get carried away. We are literally transported to this indescribable place." --James Day

Turbulent Flesh is the eleventh album released by Random Touch, and the only one released on vinyl or free of conventional instruments. The recordings were made at Scott Hamill's Wayside barn in 2007 and 2008 using a Tascam DA-P1 digital audio recorder and Shure SM81 condenser microphones. The recordings were mixed and mastered at Studio Roadnoise using Pro Tools HD. No dubs, edits or studio chicanery were utilized in the mixing. You simply hear the sound of Random Touch and their environment, complete with road noise, frogs, birds and insects. A total of three hundred virgin vinyl albums were manufactured. Turbulent Flesh is available beginning April 25, 2009, at ccnow.com and the band's official website.

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