Random Touch's "Tributary" Asks: Are Your Ready To Explore Beyond The Main Stream?


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Asheville, NC—The tributary is where fish and amphibians go to spawn. It is the hatchery for all that dwells in the river. Random Touch's unique and fertile imagination presents Tributary, a rousing expression of music as emotional journey. Relentless and demanding, this is music without compromise. This is pure art, made for its own sake, and accountable only to itself. Tributary is a double CD, the group's 15th release, for a total of 19 discs in the public domain.

Serendipity is perhaps the best word to describe Random Touch's approach to music. It is so far from traditional expectations of improvisation that the word improv hardly suffices. The entire two hours of egoless, unplanned music is very nearly what you would have heard live in the studio.

Members Christopher Brown, James Day and Scott Hamill came of age musically at the time of Jimi Hendrix, Electric Miles Davis and Steve Reich. The music of the world, from Monteverdi to Barber in the west, from Gamelan microtonality to Tuvan throat singing in the east, as well as the vast recordings of blues, jazz, rock and pop, was theirs to take in and assimilate.

“Our music attempts to grab your mind, not just your ears."—James Day, keyboards

“When we really listen, we find a symphony is always playing. Such is the state of presence, or wakefulness. When the three of us sit down to play, we expect the miracle of listening to deliver us to that symphony. We find ourselves at play, exploring, experimenting and listening together, and then we come upon the symphony, and we realize we are it. And yet not it. Rather, we are truly the space through which the symphony flows."—Christopher Brown, drums

Tributary will be available July 29, 2011 at cdbaby.com and randomtouch.com. Additional information is available at the website.

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