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Project/Object Keeps The Humor In Music On Fall Northeast Tour: Zappa Alumni Ike Willis & Ray White Back On Tour


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New York, NY: The longest running Zappa repertoire group, Project/Object, returns to the road for a quick tour of the Northeast. The band will be joined by Zappa ‘s most beloved vocalists: Ike Willis and Ray White, who together and separately toured and recorded with Zappa from 1976-1988. Project/Object’s long years of collaboration with Willis and White is testament to their desire to bring Zappa fans’ favorite sidemen to the stage as often as possible. Project/Object is unique amongst Zappa tribute bands: they celebrate EVERY era of Zappa’s music, not just selected periods.

Ike Willis held the longest tenure as Zappa's lead vocalist. His career with Frank began in the role of “Joe” on the Zappa masterpiece Joe’s Garage, and continued to record and tour with Zappa, appearing on almost every Zappa tour and album after 1978, playing an integral role in Frank’s final tour in 1988. The 1988 tour is considered to be Zappa’s most historic and one that he richly represented to his fan base in several live recordings.

Ray White joined Zappa’s band in the fall of 1976, on guitar and vocals. Ray and Ike formed a memorable vocal harmony partnership on later tours. Ray also participated on the albums Zappa in New York, Tinsel Town Rebellion, You Are What You Is, and several others with Ike Willis. These Project/Object shows will celebrate the legendary tour, live album and DVD that Ray and Ike were such a huge part of “DOES HUMOR BELONG IN MUSIC?”. Project/Object says “Yes it certainly does!!”

Frank Zappa is increasingly being seen as one of the 20th Century’s most important composers. His effect on the modern music landscape is undeniable. For over TWENTY YEARS, Project/Object has been on a mission to bring this music to Zappa fans, as well as eager new ears, by faithfully recreating the live Zappa experience. They are ALONE amongst the various Zappa Tribute bands in that they have performed over the past 20 yrs with at least fifteen of Zappa's legendary alumni. In every new market they visit, Project/Object pleases the Zappa connoisseurs and converts the curious into dedicated fans. Ike and Ray will add their incredible voices and guitar playing to the mix, delighting fans yet again with a setlist focused on the 1984 Tour.

This tour also marks the first time Project/Object will tour with a close friend and previous guest – avant/jazz composer & drummer Gregg Bendian. Gregg has many highly regarded solo albums, and leads his own repertory group “The Mahavishnu Project”. He has recorded and toured with many incredible artists including Nels Cline, Derek Bailey, John Zorn, Mark Ribot, William Parker, Cecil Taylor & Pat Metheny. A longtime Zappa fanatic, he will bring his unique touch and percussive precision to the bandstand.

Band members:

Ike Willis: Guitar & Vocals
Ray White: Guitar & Vocals
Andre' Cholmondeley: Guitar & Vocals
Kendall Scott: Keyboards & Synthesizers
Max Johnson: Bass
Gregg Bendian: Drums & Percussion

Fall Tour 2012

  • Wed - 9/19 - Jazz Cafe - Plains, PA
  • Thu - 9/20 - Mexicali - Teaneck, NJ
  • Fri - 9/21 - Iridium Jazz Club - NYC, NY
  • Sat - 9/22 - Iridium Jazz Club - NYC, NY
  • Sun - 9/23 - Stage One - Fairfield, CT
  • Tue - 9/25 - Iron Horse - Northampton, MA
  • Wed - 9/26 - Blockley - Philadelphia, PA
  • Thu - 9/27 - Jillians - Albany, NY
  • Fri - 9/28 - Nectars - S. Burlingon, VT
  • Sat - 9/29 - Arch St Tavern - Hartford, CT

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