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Professional Writing Services Now Available at All About Jazz


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Looking for a professionally-written biography, a carefully-crafted press release, or informative yet entertaining liner notes?

Your friends at All About Jazz can help.

With access to over 1,000 writers, AAJ can find the right journalist to meet your needs and deliver on time, whatever your assignment.

We'll match you up with an experienced writer who has deep knowledge of your music or musical style. You can also request a specific writer from our staff page.

Once the writer is chosen for the assignment, the project will begin shortly after payment is made and the deadline is negotiated.

Once the draft is completed, a round of edits occur, the final document is approved, and the document is delivered to the artist.

Every press release written by the All About Jazz staff qualifies for our press release distribution program free of charge.

Services & Rates

  • Liner Notes: $350 (maximum 750 words)
  • Long Biographies: $350 (maximum 750 words)
  • Short Biographies ("One Sheet"): $250 (maximum 500 words)
  • Long Press Release: $200 (maximum 750 words)
  • Short Press Release: $150 (maximum 500 words)
Contact us to get started.

For interview requests or more information contact .



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