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Premiere: Audio Documentary: John Coltrane: A Great North Carolina Jazz Intellectual On Sunday Night Jazz With Larry Reni Thomas On WCOM-FM


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Listen to WCOM-FM,Chapel Hill-Carrboro, North Carolina for the premiere, the first airing of the audio documentary “John Coltrane: A Great North Carolina Jazz Intellectual," September 23, 2012, during The John Coltrane Birthday Special, on Sunday Night Jazz with Larry Reni Thomas, from 9pm-12m.

The recently completed profile includes music and commentary from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Jazz Studies Director, trumpeter Jim Ketch, and bassist and retired Rutgers University Jazz Studies professor, Larry Ridley. “John Coltrane: A Great North Carolina Jazz Intellectual" will be aired as a part of John Coltrane Birthday Special on Sunday Night Jazz with Larry Reni Thomas on WCOM-FM. It is part of a four part series, which includes North Carolina native jazz greats, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Max Roach and Nina Simone.

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