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Prana Trio Performs at Chris' Jazz Cafe


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Prana Trio:
Sunny Kim, voice; Matt Aronoff, bass; Brian Adler, drums and cymbals

Thursday July 19th
9pm-1am @ Chris' Jazz Cafe
1421 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA

Prana is a Sanskrit word translating into breath, vital energy, or life force. Yet its actual meaning goes beyond these descriptions; it is really the primary energy of the universe.

Prana Trio was established to transfer this universal idea of breath into a format based around musical improvisation. The trio's main focus has been to compose songs and take departures inspired by the ancient sacred texts and poetry of Rumi, Hafiz, Lao Tsu, Shankarcarya, Kabir, Issa and others. Audiences are enthralled by the way Prana Trio's music parallels a dreamlike or meditative journey as it passes through many different sonic landscapes.

“A trio that's unlike any other"--Ran Blake, pianist

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