Piano Teacher Gives Away Amazon Bestseller "Free To Be Creative At The Piano"


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The piano. Everyone at one time or another has wanted to play it. But for many, it’s just too hard.

Which is why pianist and online piano teacher Edward Weiss decided to give his 342 page Amazon.com bestseller ‘Free to be Creative at the Piano' away at his website.

The book was an impressive #1 for many categories on Amazon it’s first week in print and has received many favorable reviews - and some not so favorable.

Weiss comments:

“This book is a collection of essays on what I find to be important when playing piano. Things like trusting intuition, improvisation, and playing what you feel are definitely not traditional topics and have rubbed some the wrong way - hence some of the bad reviews. But no one is doing what I’m doing and that’s teaching people that the process of creating is more important than any product that may come. Simply said, I encourage students to trust themselves to play what they feel at the piano.”

The book Weiss is giving away has been on sale at Amazon.com since 2010 and sells for $12.95. When asked why he’s giving it away for free, Weiss responds…

“What I do is teach people how to play piano in the New Age style. What better way to reach more people with this than by giving away a free book. I want as many people as possible to experience the joy of New Age piano playing - so that’s why I’m doing it.”

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