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Pianist Jessica Williams Interviewed at AAJ...and More!


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Pianist Jessica Williams begins a free-wheeling and fascinating conversation with a fan by thanking him for the kind words he has spoken about her music. Then she adds: “But you don't always have to say kind words, you know, as long as you always say the truth."

It's advice that is very much in character with the artist who has, in the past few years, been on a quest for musical truths, as well as for peace and love, the words she may write on one of her CDs if requested to sign.

Williams is intelligent and funny. She laughs often, and well. And for an artist of such magical musical eloquence, such breath-taking clarity and depth, she is surprisingly down-to-earth and plainspoken. A chat with the pianist is a relaxed affair, with a woman who sounds supremely comfortable in her own skin. It's sort of like talking to the nice--but very opinionated and maybe a bit crazy--neighbor lady over the back yard fence.

AAJ Contributor Dan McClenaghan took the opportunity to speak with WIlliams recently, about her triptych of solo piano recordings--the most recent being Touch (Origin, 2010), some of her favorite artists (known and unknown), and her move away from “the old music." Read about all this and more in Dan's in-depth interview, Jessica Williams: Musical Truths, published today at AAJ.

You can also read Dan's insightful extended analysis of Touch, published last week at AAJ.

AAJ is committed to bringing you the most extensive coverage surrounding new releases, so be sure to check out the buzz surrounding Jessica Williams and Touch at AAJ today!

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