Phase 2 of Brian Adler's Helium Project Lifts Off July 12


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Drummer and composer Brian Adler releases the second in a series of digital recordings from The Helium Music Project, his ongoing creative collaboration with jazz musicians that transcends time, space and international borders. Entitled Phase 2, the digital EP will be available as a digital download on July 12 at HeliumMusicProject.com.

With his eyes and ears on the future, Adler is among the young generation of musicians and industry execs that sees physical media as archaic and is pushing the movement towards digital distribution, cloud based media and social media.

“I have led bands before, but I always felt limited having a fixed number of players," says Adler. “The Helium Project gives me the freedom to create music with anyone, anywhere..."

When Adler decided he wanted to record with these international groups of his favorite musicians, he didn't let their occasionally far-flung locations get in the way of the creative process. In Phase 2, Adler traces his South American roots to Buenos Aires where he recorded Esa Pantera Bajo La Luna.

Track Listing:

1. Esa Pantera Bajo La Luna—Drawing inspiration from poet Jorge Luis Borges and the 6/8 folkloric rhythm the chacarera, Esa Pantera Bajo La Luna is an adventurous, high energy song that captures the Argentine spirit. Here Adler is joined by Buenos Aires' top improvisers, Rodrigo Dominguez, Juan Pablo Arredondo, and Jerónimo Carmona.

Well known for challenging musical boundaries and genres, the New York-based Adler is adept at many forms of improvised music: straight-ahead, ethnic, folk and Indian music.

In 2003, Adler founded Prana Trio, an ensemble dedicated to exploring the ancient spiritual texts of Rumi, Hafiz, Lao Tzu, Kabir, Issa and others. The trio produced three albums: The Singing Image of Fire (2009), Pranam (2006) and After Dark (2004). They have performed throughout the United States and Germany.

Adler,also performs with Pablo Aslan, Octavio Brunetti, Frank Carlberg, Mark Helias, Juan Pablo Navarro, Stomu Takeishi and Ray Vega, among others.

“Through the Helium Music Project, Brian Adler has turned the world into his playground... the emotions real and the results rewarding." ~ Richard Kamins, All About Jazz.

“Adler is an amazing instrumentalist who has seemingly mastered all aspects of percussion... his bubbling, percolating rhythms carry the music forward in the most graceful possible ways."—Dave Wayne, Jazz Review.com.

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