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Believing that the musical forms Gospel Music and Jazz were “separated at birth”, Pete Malinverni has set about reintroducing these two long lost siblings. To that end, he has been composing music for Gospel Choir and Jazz Quartet for several years and by now has quite a store of selections crafted into suites, featuring singing by a Gospel Choir and soloists and improvisations by some of the brightest lights in jazz today, all knitted together by a narration.

This is the year! Pete Malinverni has resolved to document some of this music for release as a CD and DVD. This recording will take place October 27, 2005, at a live performance at the Conservatory of Music at SUNY Purchase. Pete is producing all aspects of this project. He will write and arrange the music; book and rehearse the singers, musicians and narrator; engage recording and video engineers; design artwork and employ photographers and graphic artists; see to the replication of the CD and DVD; and play on and conduct the performance. It's a lot to do, but Pete believes in the goal of getting this music out to the world.

If you would like to be a vital part of bringing this dream to fruition, helping facilitate the composition, rehearsal, recording and replication process, and even be there for rehearsals and performances, please consider becoming a supporting participant. Pete Malinverni's ArtistShare website dedicated to the Gospel/Jazz project, at www.petemalinverni.com, launched June 1, 2005.

At various levels of involvement, participants will choose from several available options and packages, through which they will receive program and liner note credits, streaming audio and video lectures, downloadable journal entries and on-line piano or composition lessons with Pete, photo galleries, invitations to rehearsals and performances, personalized scores and recordings, a Pete Malinverni clinic/performance residency and much more. For one year, participants will get an ongoing, step-by-step view into the creative world of Pete Malinverni. They will follow the progress of Pete's Gospel/Jazz Project, from composition to CD and DVD release.

Participants can also keep track of his progress, as Pete prepares a solo piano CD for Reservoir Music, by listening to practice sessions as well as hearing Pete discuss the solo piano concept he is pursuing, even talking about the various Classical piano pieces he is working on in his continuing study of that form. The solo CD is to be recorded July 22 and 23 of this year.

In short, participants will be given a window through which they can learn about and participate in the work of this jazz musician, church musician and jazz educator as he navigates the waters of life as a working creative artist. Sort of like a reality show, but with no “Idols".

ArtistShare represents a new paradigm by which artists can take control of their creative output and can, through the participation of their friends and fans, realize their artistic visions with art and inspiration the only motives. A recent Maria Schneider recording produced with ArtistShare received a Grammy award for best jazz recording just this year!

If you are interested in learning more about Pete Malinverni’s ArtistShare Gospel/Jazz CD and DVD project, please visit Pete’s website, www.petemalinverni.com, for the latest information.


“When Pete Malinverni plays, the people listen”, observed the New York Daily News. That’s no mean feat in the Mecca of Jazz. Indeed, Jim Macnie of the Village Voice was recently moved to call Malinverni, “audacious and exquisite”. Since coming to New York in 1981, Pete has established himself as a highly respected presence in local and national club and concert performances, as well as abroad in Europe, South America, and Japan, his work earning him an entry in the Biographical Encyclopedia of Jazz, as compiled by Ira Gitler and Leonard Feather. Writing in the Charleston (SC) Post and Courier, Jack McCray called him “a fiery but elegant pianist”, and his varied collaborations stand as testament to his abilities. He’s performed or recorded in the company of jazz luminaries too numerous to mention, exhibiting what Enso Fresia of Italy’s Musica Jazz called “an extremely unconstrained and brilliant pianism”. His much-lauded 2003 NPR appearance on Marian McPartland’s “Piano Jazz” put Malinverni before a greater public and his recordings have earned four star reviews and inclusion on “Year’s Best” lists in several publications, including Down Beat Magazine.

Pete Malinverni is a composer, too. In a four-star review in All About Jazz, Rick Anderson noted, “the jazz world is full of pianists and composers with formidable chops, but it's rare to find musicians as accomplished as Pete Malinverni who write with his level of insightful straightforwardness or play with his kind of elegant approachability.” Likewise, Dave McElfresh said in Jazz Now that “Malinverni’s writing makes as much of an impact as his playing”. A composer of great depth, passion and individuality, he has received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Meet the Composer Foundation and contributed works to programs sponsored by, among others, the Jazz Composers’ Collective. His music for piano trio was featured in a broadcast concert for Chamber Music America at New York’s Symphony Space. Not only have his vehicles for jazz improvisation been described by Gary Giddins in the Village Voice as “knotty and original”, but musicians and public alike agree with McElfresh in Jazz Now that Malinverni’s ballad “This Time”, the title track of his third recording as leader, is “truly the stuff standards are made of”. Since 1993 Pete has served as church musician at the Devoe Street Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY, exposing him to the music of the African-American church, and his suites for vocal choir and jazz ensemble based on the Psalms of David, demonstrate his abilities as a composer on a grander scale. An upcoming project with ArtistShare will spotlight Malinverni’s Gospel/Jazz compositions. An October 2005 concert will be recorded and a live CD and DVD will be made from this concert.

A native of Niagara Falls, NY, Pete Malinverni began classical piano studies with local legend Laura Copia at the tender age of six, earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from the prestigious Crane School of Music in upstate New York, and took his Master of Music degree from the Purchase (NY) Conservatory of Music, where he studied piano and composition with Anthony Newman, the man Wynton Marsalis called the “high priest of Bach”. Subsequent studies include intensive work with the famed Sophia Rosoff. Remembering well the learning process, he is a teacher much in demand, having served as Professor on the Jazz faculties of New York University, William Paterson University, and, currently, the Purchase Conservatory. He has also taught Jazz Appreciation to non-music majors at NYU, and Classical Ear Training at Purchase. NYU’s Continuing Professional Studies Program honored him with the Marc Crawford Jazz Educator Award, and he has successfully presented seminars and master classes in the U. S. and abroad. He has also demonstrated flair as a writer on music, penning CD liner notes as well as contributing to periodicals such as The Piano Stylist and The Record Review. On several occasions his letters have been published in Jazz Times and Downbeat.

In his four-star Down Beat review, Paul de Barros said, “Pete Malinverni doesn’t seem capable of playing a dishonest line”, and it is this unaffected, pure approach to music of real depth which draws audiences and students alike to Malinverni’s appearances. Through the release of Pete’s six recording as a leader, “Don’t Be Shy”, “The Spirit”, “This Time”, “A Very Good Year”, “Of One Mind”, “Autumn In New York”, “The Tempest” and, in 2005,

“Pete Malinverni, Da Solo”, one views the development of what Stuart Troup, in a profile in New York Newsday,

has called “a supple player, full of nuance”.

presskits and photos available: www.petemalinverni.com Pete Malinverni 241 Avenue of the Americas, #1-C New York City, NY 10014 phone/fax: (212) 206-8634

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