Patrice Ferris Graces the Cover of Volume V of the World Who's Who in Jazz, Cabaret, Music and Entertainment


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New York-New York. The Federation of American Musicians, Singers and Performing Artists (FAMSPA), officially announced this week in New York City that Ms. Patrice Ferris, lead vocalist of the Washington-based Satin Doll Trio has been selected to grace the front cover of “BEST MUSICIANS, SINGERS, ALBUMS AND ENTERTAINMENT PERSONALITIES OF THE 19th, 20th AND 21st CENTURIES" (Volume V of the World Who's Who in Jazz, Cabaret, Music and Entertainment) published by FAMSPA and TimesSquarePress.

The Book: Volume V is a massive book containing 7,000 names and entries, 60 chapters and 600 photos of stars and legends who made their mark on the world of music, showbiz and entertainment in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. It covers a wide array of subjects and themes including, the golden age of the brass bands, America's most famous instrumentalists and soloists, the history of recordings and live entertainment during the early days of radio, charts of the biggest hits and popular songs from 1880 to the present, international survey/poll on the 500 best and most famous singers of our time, history and stars biographies of the ragtime, cakewalk, Doo Wop and Jazz. A strong emphasis was placed on the contributions of great American women composers throughout the ages, and particularly those prolific female songwriters who were not allowed by a male dominated industry, to use their full names in the credits and on sheet music. Instead, only their initials were used. Equally interesting is the chapter on the life and unusual characters of colorful personalities and tycoons of the era who shaped and influenced music, recordings and the career of singers and musicians in America from 1880 to the present; influential people like Thomas Edison, P.T. Barnum, F. Ziegfeld. Even Houdini, Paul Gauguin, Anna Held and Mata Hari are included. Amusing and astonishing stories about the secret lives of the greatest singers and stars of the era as told by the legendary Tallulah Bankhead, creator of the NBC “BIG SHOW."


There are also heart-felt stories that touch our hearts, for instance, the author writes about “HELLO CENTRAL GIVE ME HEAVEN"; a 1901 song about a little child who used the phone to call her deceased mother. A sad song written by A. P. Carter and sang by the Carter Family. The tears, the pain and betrayal expressed in the music and lyrics written by the deposed and jailed Queen of Hawaii, who wrote 500 songs, and who is considered to be one of the earliest and most prolific songwriters in this country. But also the book contains entertaining stories about stars never told before, such as how impresarios and publicists in New York created so much extravagant and untrue events and gossip to promote their stars and clients, all the gossips, rumors and scandals of the era, starting with Barnum, Ziegfeld, Thomas Edison, Bette Davis, Walter Matthau, Cole Porter, and ending with the top notch agents in Manhattan, on Broadway and Wall Street. It is a fabulous chronicle of great men and women who created memorable ballads, musicals, singers who were once upon a time, the toast of the town, and died in absolute poverty...their great accomplishments, lives and adventures. It also includes the biographies of the 2,000 best contemporary and modern singers and musicians...and how much they are worth today on the market! WOW!

The book also sheds light on contemporary legends and media personalities who contributed so much to the world of music, singers and composers. A sort of rendering homage to them and recognizing their honorable deeds. For instance, Dr. Maximillien de Lafayette, author of the book writes about Bruce Morrow. Excerpt of the book: “In 1959, the “Prince of Charisma", Mr. Bruce Morrow began his illustrious and sometimes stormy career at New York Top 40 station WINS. He became a living legend on WABC. Bruce Morrow was born in Brooklyn on October 13, 1937, and attended New York University. In 1959, Mr. Morrow adopted the moniker “Cousin Brucie", while working at WINS in New York. During his time at WABC, “Cousin Brucie" was extremely well-known for hosting the legendary Palisades Park rock concerts. In August 1965, he introduced the Beatles during their historic Shea Stadium concert. In 1994, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani proclaimed West 52nd Street “Cousin Brucie Way" in recognition for his enormous contributions to music and for preserving America's cultural and musical heritage. In 1988, Mr. Morrow was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame. Mr. Morrow is a great asset to our world. This is an outstanding human being with a heart larger than the world we live in, and a musical knowledge mightier and richer than the Encyclopedia Britannica. Without the commitment of Bruce Morrow, Rock “n" Roll, the “Oldies" Doo Wop and America's musical treasures of yesteryears would have ceased to be a reminder of America's musical greatness. The world is prettier, the sun shines brighter, American families are happier, and music radiates beauty and love when our world is inhabited by people like Bruce Morrow. I wish this man could live for ever!. Once he said: “God closes the door and opens a gate." He was referring to what has happened to him since the afternoon of Black Friday, June 3, 2005, when he was told on the phone, that his three shows on Infinity Broadcasting's WCBS-FM (101.1 kc) -- 33 years of Golden Oldie rock history -- were cancelled. Allegedly, the station decided to adopt a new format. What format? They are nuts! But Bruce, the gentle giant is bigger than life...he is confident something good will come out of it. He is sitting at the kitchen table with his wife Jodie reflecting on the situation. “Within two hours of the announcement of the change at WCBS-FM hitting the press, I started getting calls from other stations in New York. Also from Sirius Satellite and XM Satellite Radio. And signed on with Sirius -- probably the best contract in my life." Said the delightful Bruce Morrow. “Cousin Brucie" is now heard on Sirius 6-60's Vibrations.

ABOUT PATRICE FERRIS: Carol Lexter associate editor of the World Who's Who said" Ms. Ferris was chosen to grace the front cover, because she has all the ingredients of a super duper diva. She has warmth, class and originality." Ms. Ferris was born in Honolulu Hawaii. She began her musical career by studying piano and flute at a young age but always loved to just sing. As vocalist for the Satin Doll Trio Patrice has appeared on the stages of the John F. Kennedy Centers' KC Jazz Club, the Corcoran Gallery's Armand Hammer Auditorium, Washington's prestigious Cosmos Club, and has made television appearances on the BET Jazz programs “Jazz Central", “Impressions", and on News Channel 8 WJLA Washington D.C. Patrice was recently featured on the cover of Washington Flyer magazine as the magazines pick for “Best In Show" in the Washington D.C. area. And most recently, Patrice Ferris was selected by FAMSPA as the best trio singer of 2007.


Not for the front but for the back cover. The Editorial Board is currently working on the nomination and selection of 4 additional artists to appear on the back cover of Volume V. Dozens of names of musicians and singers were presented by fans, the public and agents for consideration. “No! Politic has nothing to do with selecting an artist. We are not influenced by lobbyists and shakers and makers. You can nominate your favorite artist, singer, musician, composer...just submit their names to Carol Lexter at carollexter@aol.com and every submission/nomination will be honestly and seriously considered", said Germaine Poitiers, associate editor of the World Who's Who in Jazz, Cabaret, Music and Entertainment. The book shall be made available by mid July 2007. “And yes, there is still time to be included in Volume V, if you email Carol Lexter. Just email your bio and photo, and we will go from there" added Poitiers.

The Federation is a United States nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of quality work of musicians, singers and entertainers. The World Who's Who in Jazz, Cabaret, Music and Entertainment consists or 20 volumes, and includes approximately 40,000 names and entries from 135 countries. Authored by the legendary writer and entertainment critic and historian Maximillien de Lafayette who has to his credits 105 published books and 3 encyclopedias, including the international best seller “Entertainment Divas, Cabaret, Jazz Then and Now (740 pages, published in December 2007.)The list of celebrities and stars who graced the covers of the previous four volumes includes: Marlene Verplanck, Peggy Judy, Barb Jungr, Sarah James, Jill Corey (Who also appeared on Life, Time Magazine), Carol Welsman, Rebecca Spencer, Teri Roiger, Amy Baker, Ronda Ghossoub, Erika Luckett, Antoinette Montague, Stephanie Jordan, Katie Bull, Zola, Maria Gentile, Irene Soderberg, Nichaud Fitzgibbon, Carol Mennie, Paulette Attie, Frank Jackson, and Gordon James Beck.

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